Managing properties with thoughtful innovation and technology

AdeManage is a platform that help property owners ability to seamlessly manage their properties, delight tenants, and enhance revenue growth.

AdeManage was invented to reduce the time that property owners spend on a managing property and allows them to invest time on what you love.

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Why We're Here

AdeManage was invented through necessity and to fill a void in the property management industry. The passion to have a solution to easily manage properties was birthed when the owner of AdeManage bought a residential property and had to move to a different state a couple of years after living in the house.

The place was successfully rented, but managing the property from a different state was challenging due to the lack of technology that could help in managing the property. This experience resonates with the owner, and he realized that there are several people that have gone through this experience or currently going through the challenges of managing rental properties.

Our Realization

Our owner realized the need in this industry segment, and he started developing a property management app solution that’s capable of providing end-to-end service with the integration of service providers within the ecosystem. This app empowers property owners to be in control of their properties and reduce the time that they spend manually managing properties

What We Offer

AdeManage app solution understand the needs of property owners and created a digital solution that can automatically manage properties with little or no intervention from property owners, which allows them to focus on either scaling up their business or spending the time with their loved ones.

AdeManage creates a culture of transparency that allows property owners to understand the true cost of repairs without any surcharge by interfacing directly with service providers available on the platform.

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