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Take Care of your Tenants

Providing tenants with a well-maintained property, responding promptly to maintenance requests, and providing exceptional service are essential for creating a positive rental experience for everyone involved. When tenants feel that their landlord is invested in their comfort and safety, they are more likely to stay put and take good care of the property. This can lead to lower turnover costs, higher rental income, and a more successful rental business for landlords.

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What Sets Us Apart

Tenants appreciate landlords who go above and beyond to keep their properties in good condition and respond to their needs quickly and efficiently. By providing excellent tenant service, landlords can build strong relationships with their tenants and foster a positive rental experience for everyone involved.

Core Features

Seamless Rent Collection

Seamlessly collect rent online and with our mobile app

Maintenance Made Simple

Best in class automated maintenance service resolution to ensure that you never pick up the phone to completely resolve maintenance service

No Limits

Unlimited tenants accounts at no additional charge

Let Tenants Request service directly

AdeManage allows tenants to request maintenance service that could be automatically accepted by a service provider in the platform, which eradicate the uncertainty of waiting to get in contact with the property owners

Keep Up With Tenants

AdeMange helps property owners to be proactive in management their properties through advanced foresight notification of leases that are due for renewal

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